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New course talks about sign language

New course talks about sign language
Bendigo Weekly, Australia
By Sue Turpie
BENDIGO Neighbourhood House is offering a course in the basic skills ofcommunicating with deaf people and gaining an understanding of deafculture.

Auslan, Australian sign language, is the language of the deaf community.

It evolved from sign languages brought to Australia from Britain and Ireland.

Accordingto the Auslan website, engraver John Carmichael was the first deafperson to bring British sign language to Australia when he moved toSydney in 1825 from

Edinburgh. The Bendigo Neighbourhood House course is also open to people who have become deaf and need to learn Auslan.

Courses are held within the school terms and run for eight weeks, with a one-and-a-half hour session per week.

Levelone caters for people who have no previous sign language skills, andwill involve everyday signs for use in basic conversations.

The level two program is for people who want to learn more Auslan and builds on the skills learned in Auslan one.

Levelthree builds from level two and covers story telling, translation fromEnglish to Auslan, classifiers, video read back and includes deafguests.

The next course will be held from Monday, April 23 toJune 18, with no class on June 11, from 5.45pm to 7.15pm at BendigoNeighbourhood House, 21 Neale Street, Bendigo.

For enrolmentforms and further information contact Sasha Hough on voice phone1300-780-225, or if hearing impaired phone 1300-780-235, which is viatelephone typewriter.

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