:: FreeDeafCruise: 2 announcements ::

We have 2 announcements.

1. 3 New Cruise Plan 2008. (2 more cruise coming soon next week)
2. Free Deaf Cruise Draws on May 12th, 2007.


1. We have exciting 3 cruises plan for 2008.

Exotic Panama Canal From April 6 – 21, 2008! It sails 15 days from
FT. Lauderdale to Los Angeles, California!

Alaska Wilderness Explorer! May 2008
For Seniors only. First Tours, then Cruise. Start Anchorage all
the way to top of Alaska– Prudhoe Bay then all the way to down
Vancouver, BC. Canada!

Grand Mediterranean 2008 12 Days Sailing.
On July 11-23, 2008. Cruise from Spain to Italy.

China Yangtze River (More Details soon)

Disney Cruise 2008. Going to Disney Cruise during Christmas 2008!
(More Details soon)

2. Free Deaf Cruise. I hope you are REALLY pay attention at this
time. 🙂

We are going to Atlanta, GA to make an announcement for winnings.
It will be 5 prizes! Not 1 Cheap prize. We are going to give
REAL prizes. No Cheap things!

If you did not sign up at http://www.FreeDeafCruise.com I urgent you to
sign up before cut off at May 12th, 2007 Noon.


It doesn’t costs you a dime to register. And you are not required
to go DeafNation Expo at Atlanta, GA at this time. The winners
name will be announcement on website after winners confirmed.

Bon Voyage!

Deaf Cruise teams

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