:: Release of DeafVIDEO.TV ::

Release of DeafVIDEO.TV

TaylerInfomedia is proud to present our newest website.

DeafVIDEO.TV broadcasts a collection of videos produced by signers. The signers are YouTube account holders and are registered with DeafVIDEO.TV. The videos are unfiltered, meaning all uploaded videos will be listed at the site. All uploaded videos are subject to YouTube’s Terms of Use.

DeafVIDEO.TV pulls new videos automatically when they are uploaded at YouTube. Register your YouTube username with DeafVIDEO.TV by using the form on the upper left on the site. Don’t have a YouTube account? Register for one. They’re free!

Do you use another video service? Upload your videos at your preferred video service AND YouTube.

DeafVIDEO.TV currently includes two languages, American and British Sign Language. DeafVIDEO.TV was developed with multi-language support in mind so expect to see more languages in the coming days, as YouTube user accounts become available. To visit the ASL site, visit ASL.DeafVIDEO.TV. For BSL, it’s BSL.DeafVIDEO.TV.

I want to give my thanks to Jared Evans for his help. He helped by configuring the server and setting up the domain name.

As DeafRead gained new features, so will DeafVIDEO.TV. Many features are planned to ensure the best experience. Enjoy the site!

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