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iMAT’s patent-pending solution will allow deaf and hard of hearing subscribers to tune into radio and read, comprehend and enjoy, what is being broadcast…in real time. The innovative solution relies on a lightweight miniature visual apparatus attached to eyeglasses, and connected to a pocket radio receiver. The subscriber can tune into selected radio stations for an enhanced user experience and to better understand radio visually through real-time captioning perfectly synchronized with audio.

Real-time captioning is received by the pocket receiver and projected onto the eyeglasses – which become a personal teleprompter – where the text is seen by the user at any time of day or night. The system is non-intrusive, as the captions are displayed in the periphery of the user’s sight-line and appear to float in their area of vision. This allows extended use of the device without causing any eye-strain while permitting the subscriber to engage in other activities hands-free while “watching” radio.

iMAT will offer popular syndicated content – sports, entertainment, politics, news and music – and will be available nation wide. In addition to these national channels, local programming, including news, weather and traffic alerts will be broadcast in major metro areas. Subscribers will also be able to tailor their own individual content through the web portal.

Radio is considered a reliable mode of communication during emergencies and the battery powered receiver will be an extremely effective communications device to deliver emergency warnings and notifications to deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

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