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IBM Technology Camp for Deaf Students

May 15, 2007
Posted By: linda so

Students at the Maryland School for the Deaf are getting a hands-on lesson in technology. IBM is hosting a 2 day career camp to prepare students for the real world. The technology camp is all about preparing students for career opportunities. Instructors use hands on experiments like building robots to get students thinking about landing their first job. Using technology through robotics, students learned how to work together to complete a project. Seth Bravin, an IBM financial planner says, “I want to get them started thinking about resumes and interviewing skills. It’s a competitive world out there and I want to make sure they’re prepared.” Bravin says his parents prepared him for the working world and he hopes he can do the same for these students. Bravin says, “My parents are deaf. My dad worked for IBM for 25 years. He left about 10 years ago, so he’s definitely been my role model.” Instructor Donald McCoy, an IBM engineer, says “I learned early you don’t underestimate any child. We set the platform for them to learn and they follow through and made it happen.” The technology camp also seeks to get students interested in science and the possibility of working for IBM. Freshman Corinna Hill says, “I really never thought about working at IBM, but IBM is a possibility, not a bad idea.” This is the 8th year since the technology camp was created and it’s proven a success in helping students get ready for the real world.


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