:: VESID intern winding up stint at Courier ::

VESID intern winding up stint at Courier

May 20, 2007

Dan Shaw.jpg

BATH – For the last eight weeks, The Courier has been the beneficiary of the services of Dan Shaw, a 23-year-old Hammondsport resident completing an intership in graphic arts through the New York Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Indviduals with Disabilities.

The son of Chris and David Shaw, Dan has been communicating with Courier staff members through American Sign Language – in addition to notebooks, computer e-mails, whiteboards and magic markers. He has concentrated his efforts in the Courier’s composing department, assisting compositors Bonnie Albee and Rich Berg in the creation of ads.

In the process, he has learned valuable work skills that will help him interview for a real job some day.

Dan came to The Courier already proficient in computer programs such as Photoshop. Building ads from scratch, however, required him to learn additional programs geared specifically to newspaper production. He also had to learn to work quickly, under the pressure of newspaper deadlines.

“I feel like I want to say ‘thanks’ to our VESID,” Dan wrote in a description of his internship, adding he is looking forward to his first interview for actual employment.

A branch of the New York Department of Education, VESID works to promote the education of students with disabilities.

VESID counselors work with students through services programs needs to reach their employment goals. Services

Services may include vocational assessment, vocational counseling, assistance with transition from school to the world of work, job training and placement, job follow-up, and other services to support the individual’s employment objectives.

The program has offices across New York. For more information visit the website at http://www.vesid.nysed.gov.


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