Bank robbed by 10 ‘signers’: South Africa: News: News24

Bank robbed by 10 ‘signers’

May 23, 2007
Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria – About ten armed robbers, who reportedly communicated by using sign language, have stolen an undisclosed sum of money from a First National Bank branch in Pretoria North.

Inspector Paul Ramaloko said the armed robbers entered the bank in Rachel de Beer Street just after 13:00 on Tuesday and held up and robbed the staff, including a pregnant worker, and bank clients.

Brian Burger of Pretoria North, who went to the bank to draw cash just before the robbers entered, said they had “flashy 9mm pistols and .38 special revolvers”.

“They said: ‘shut up and look down’. The one guy pointed a firearm at me. Another robber also held up clients, and the rest jumped over the counters and took all the money from the cashiers.”

Burger said the robbers used very few words.

“I’m sure they were using some sort of signing code, because every time one of them spoke, they clapped once or twice.”

He said one robber took up position at the bank’s door while the rest loaded the money into large plastic bags.

“They also took everyone’s jewellery, watches and money.”


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