CSI: Crime Scene Investigation- The Gradual Hearing Loss of Gil Grissom

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation- The Gradual Hearing Loss of Gil Grissom

May 30, 2007

CSI– Crime Scene Investigation is a TV murder sitcom. I love watching the show on DVDs. My partner has all seasons. I finished the first two seasons, and now I am on my third season. I just can’t explain just why I love it so much– there are so many reasons– the murder mysteries, forsenic techniques used, the drama between colleagues, and even the hotness of the movie actors such as William Pedersen, Eric Szmanda, Gary Dourdan, and George Eads. They are hot, hot, hot…You, the reader, might not get why I love CSI– such why I don’t get why readers love South Park, The Simpsons, and other shows. Heh!

Now, throughout the seasons, Gil Grissom, the head of the CSI Lab, has a progressive hearing loss. It is genetic– from his Deaf mother. In some of the shows, especially in the third season, Gil’s hearing loss becomes an issue for him. Gil also knows ASL, although not fluent. My partner, Brad, is an intermediate level ASL user, and he can tell that Will Pedersen’s ASL production is awkward.

How is the show portraying hearing loss and Deaf Culture through the primary character, Gil Grissom, and other secondary characters? The show also brings attention to hearing loss, Deafness, Deaf Culture, and ASL. Is Gil being portrayed accurately as it reflects in today’s culture?

Discussions to this CSI topic are welcome… please comment!


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