Gov. Perdue Signs Deaf Child Bill of Rights Act (WCTV Tallahassee)

Gov. Perdue Signs Deaf Child Bill of Rights Act

May 30, 2007
Reporter: Erica Green
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Gov. Sonny Perdue recently signed a bill allowing students to use any form of communication they’re comfortable with, whether it’s sign language, oral, or visual clues.

Some educators feel the bill encourages student interaction.

“Some of those kids can talk very limited right now. They can talk to our deaf students who can sign and if we continue that at middle school and high school level we’ll have more student population that can communicate using sign language,” said Jennifer Beal-Alvarez, a teacher for hearing impaired and deaf students at Valdosta City Schools.

Schools in Valdosta already have a program with a teacher who is certified in American Sign Language, they also use ASL interpreters in certain classrooms.


  1. The Sign Language Resource Center works closely with educational, social and community services, employment, medical and law enforcement to ensure equal and full access is available to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and their families.

    Our goal is to dismantle communication barriers by providing overall quality delivery of services and overall improvement of services to insure maximum efficiency.

    Consider learning sign language! Classes are available!

    If you need an interpreter contact: 850.228.5776 or

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