Catch a Film on Deaf in China

Catch a Film on Deaf in China

From Jamie Berke,
Your Guide to Deafness.

I received an e-mail from Abby Chen, a program director at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco. Ms. Chen wrote: “I am currently working on a film screening program called C4 (Chinese Culture Center Cinema). We are very excited to bring a series of documentaries that actually portray Chinese that are true to life, rich in diversity, and deeply rooted in a dynamic society. All the films are with Chinese & English captions. Among these films, there is one film that is particularly touching called White Tower, it talks about the hearing impaired community in China. Also, all the films in C4 have captions.”

A check of the Chinese Culture Center website ( shows that the film is scheduled to play on June 17, at 1 pm. Plus the site has a page with a photo and description of the film. I don’t live in San Francisco so I won’t have a chance to see this film. Maybe I’ll get lucky and someday it will wind up as a entry in one of the D.C. film festivals.

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