Real Time Captioning

By Rockland Public Library

ROCKLAND (July 8): July 19 program at Rockland Public Library will feature Real Time Captioning for deafened and hard of hearing individuals.


On July 19 at 6:30 pm at the Rockland Library, Tiffany Walker will speak about The Law of Attraction, from the bestselling book The Secret, which has been featured on Oprah. Real Time Captioning (CART) will be provided by Maine CART and Captioning Service, and sponsored by ALDA-MAINE for this event. Real time captioning allows a speaker’s words to be typed and projected immediately, in real time, onto a screen for anyone needing to read the words (e.g. for people who can no longer hear speech clearly). Especially for hard of hearing and deafened people, CART allows inclusion in community events and discussions. CART stands for Communication Access Real Time. The text is created in “real time” by a professional CART provider. The CART professional uses a device similar to a stenography machine, and the words are projected from a laptop computer directly onto a larger screen for all to access. This captioning service also allows easier participation for many others, for example people who are learning English. CART discovered that projecting transcribed speech onto a screen allowed everyone to see what was being spoken, whether in a meeting of a few people around a table, or an audience of a hundred people in an auditorium.

There are many advantages of CART for deafened and hard of hearing people, and the primary advantage is simply that most of us do not speak sign language and cannot take advantage of any sign language interpreters at all. Also the probability of becoming hard of hearing or deafened over time as one ages increases, so that our deafened and hard of hearing population is becoming even more numerous. We live in the hearing world with our families, friends, and co-workers so that we require text (captions) to communicate fully. This is why we require real time captioning for equal access in participating fully in our community. CART serves all groups, including deaf people who are able to read the captions just as hearing people do, and these captions are vitally needed in more places for the deafened and hard of hearing. When deafened and hard of hearing people speak with each other, visual text and captioning are the best means of communication.

CART and real time captioning is possible for many events, including for many employment situations where the skills of many employees do not need to be wasted due to acquired hearing loss. CART is provided for meetings of the State Division on Deafness. Individuals have requested CART, for example, for physician appointments, and in other places.

ALDA-Maine ( advocates for all deafened and hard of hearing people in all of Maine. ALDA (Association for Late Deafened Adults) also educates others about real time captioning. The Goal of ALDA MAINE is to have CART available as frequently as possible for all deafened and hard of hearing people in Maine who may request it (up to or over 100,000 people or more who have lost the ability to understand human speech clearly). CART needs to be part of everyday life for deafened and hard of hearing people who want to participate fully at work and in the community.

Special accommodations for persons with disabilities can be made with 48 hours notice. Please call the Library at 594-0310.

Source [Rockland]


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