ASL (american sign language) number story

One of the fun and special traditions enjoyed and shared by the Deaf Community is signing stories using Number or Alphabet hand shapes. In these stories, various hand shapes do not stand for the numbers and letters themselves, but are used as signs or gestures to convey concepts. They are signed in alphabetical or numerical order, and used in amazing ways to sign or act out a story. Video excerpt from American Sign Language for Families video series by Color of Language.


  1. Samuel S.

    I found the number story very interesting I am a ASL student, and just now learning, but I was able to grasp a story, to me it was a three car crash, that ended up with the middle driver’s car being worthless, and him (the signer) being saddened you can see him sign a tear and at the end you can see him have a headache over what he is going to do… That is what I got out of it, but please feel free to correct me…

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