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Apple rocks the cat box with synchronized lyrics patent application – Ars Technica

Apple rocks the cat box with synchronized lyrics patent application
Ars Technica, MA – 2 hours ago
Closed captioning would let iPods reach a somewhat wider audiene, and subtitles would be handy for foreign language content, foreign films,


AT&T swings unlimited phone video, messaging

Thursday, April 26th

blackberry8800-cingular.jpgAT&T today added a new option to its usual mix of phone and data plans. Called Messaging Unlimited, the new plan lets subscribers send messages to any computer or phone in the US without worrying about adding too much to monthly expenses — including for data-heavy video messaging and Internet-based IM chats, AT&T is keen to point out.

The plan takes effect immediately and adds $20 per month to whatever phone service a customer might already have. Those who know that most of their recipients will be fellow AT&T customers can drop the price to $10 per month.

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The Right IP Stuff

Thu 12 Apr 2007
By Josh Mendelsohn

Knowing your correct public IP address for your videophone is (almost) as important as memorizing your correct street address. You don’t want your neighbor to get that pizza or 20″ LCD television that should have been delivered to your home! (I once got a very nice box of several expensive champagne bottles meant for another house, but that’s another story for another time.) Same thing as knowing your correct public IP address — you want


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