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Apple intros iPhone accessories – MacNN

Apple today made one of the final introductions for the iPhone in advance of its 6PM launch, introducing the accessories that will be available in shops and through the online Apple Store later today. Most notable are previously unannounced accessories: the Bluetooth Travel Cable (pictured right, $29) is meant for travelers who need to charge the Apple-made Bluetooth headset and iPhone at the same time, while the now confirmed Dual Dock ($49, left) adds the same headset slot to the company’s desktop cradle. A TTY Adapter ($9) lets the deaf attach Teletype into the phone to communicate with others.

Owners of existing Universal Dock accessories for the iPod will also have a native fit for the device. The Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack ($9) lets the iPhone work in Apple’s own dock or most accessories. Most devices should work properly without triggering the wireless-free Airplane Mode; supporting speaker docks can even be used as speakerphones, Apple says. Users also have the option of manually overriding the alert at the risk of creating potential interference during calls.

The Bluetooth headset announced at Macworld in January is now rated at 5.5 hours of continuous talk with 72 hours of standby; it ships for a relatively high $129 but includes both the Dual Dock and the Bluetooth Travel Cable. Other announcements today include replacements for the iPhone’s bundled Dock ($49), USB cable ($19), Stereo Headset ($29), and direct compatibility with the existing iPod-oriented USB Power Adapter ($29).

Advertisements has the Largest Collection of Photos and Pictures Related to Deaf Community.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / PRURGENT claims it has the largest collection of photos and pictures related to deaf community. It offers a feature to allow users send those photos as e-cards to friends.

With the mushrooming of online e-card website, the difference of it from others is focusing on “ASL” to express feeling and blessing. ASL (American Sign Language) is the dominant sign language of the Deaf community in the United States, in the English-speaking parts of Canada, and in parts of Mexico.

This feature is called “Share photos and greeting card”. It was added to in late 2006. Although just a few months passed, already owns about more than 1,000 deaf or ASL pictures. And all the photos and pictures are uploaded by the members of this site.

It is free to send out those cards but you should sign up this site first. The registration is fast and just needs 2 steps. The feature can be found at the left navigation bar after login.

There are 2 ways to send e-card. One is using other member’s photos for your greeting cards; the other is loading your favorite photo. There is an option for you to choose whether to share your photos to other members. You also can add your personal message. An e-card can be sent to unlimited email addresses one time.

This gives people who like trying new things chances to make differences in e-card. However it lacks of animated photos at this moment.

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